Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"Ride Of Passage" Animation Workshop (2012)

25 year old Christian Bøving- Andersen has just graduated from the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. His group's thesis film, Ride Of Passage, is an exhilarating ride through the jungle that nevertheless has an ecological as well as a moral centre. In a splendidly 2D opening, tribesmen enter the jungle slaughtering all the beasts therein. The trophy of the tiger head confers status. The movie proper then slips into full 3D, full of vibrant colour, when a rather cute youth meets a huge chameleon with a heart and tongue to match. Sent out to collect his own trophy, young Toki then has to make a decision. Part of the journey involves trophy collecting, of the bloodless sort, and the collection of animals would grace any Disney extravaganza. I particularly enjoyed the moment when a preening bird stands up to its would be hunters. The full team were Casper Michelsen, Eva Lee Wallberg, Tina Lykke Thorn, Søren B. Nørbæk, Allan Lønskov, Jakob Kousholt and David F. Otzen. Visit the dedicated website for the film. I've also browsed the guys' blogs and they have talent to spare. Interestingly, most seem to have travelled to obtain employment, London and Paris being popular destinations.  There must also be mention for Pablo Pica's rousing music and the sound of Thomas Arrent and Jonas Jensen. Enough of the adulation. The undoubted star of the show is the chameleon. Such a good idea to cast a beast that changes colours in such a central role. And one question: what happened to the bundle of animals at the end? These things torment me.

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Max said...

I enjoyed both pacing and animation very much, it has a nice theme too. Even though the similarities end on a superficial level, it immediately reminded me of Battlepug ( - they both have their heart in the same place...