Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"Tadufeu" Mickaël Bellamy, Coralie Braconnot, Franck Delfortrie, Julien Jamme (2011 ESMA)

Tadufeu is such a wonderfully fun movie that, despite having featured quite a few ESMA films so far on the blog, I can't resist. Set in prehistoric times it covers the discovery of fire by a group of cavemen. The guys just love the thing. Food tastes better, the cold is kept out and their shared sense of camaraderie is blissful to behold. So much so that a neighbour is allowed to collect, from under their very noses, a mishmash of items for purposes unknown. Now let's not overdo this lovey-dovey sense of brotherhood. When the rain falls all bets are off. Immaculately animated by the team what I noticed is the bravura means by which day and night scenes are delineated, the sheer delight and pride of the men with their discovery and the instant remedy for righting the loss. Then there is a delicious conclusion, totally unexpected, that reveals how evolution takes many turns. There's another thing. I used to have a cat that was gorgeous. She flirted with me, loved attention, rolled round in the grass under the sun, lapping it up. Where little fluttery birds were concerned she had no conscience whatsoever. The heroes of our tale remind me of her. And it's brazen. So congratulations Mickaël Bellamy, Coralie Braconnot, Franck Delfortrie and Julien Jamme. Stars all. Fabulous entertainment.


Max said...

I was under the impression that the "outsider" came begging for some fire, but while the others weren't willing to let him have any, they decided it would be amusing to mislead him into thinking all the other stuff is supposed to help one make a fire. None of which was supposed to be of any use of course, even if the guy somehow still managed to use them for that very purpose.

I did quite enjoy the movie. Nice depiction of what really happens any time brains meets brawn outside the protection granted by the rules of a civilized society...

Ian Lumsden said...

You're absolutely right about begging for fire and their hilarity at his requests, Max. Wish I'd mentioned it all. I viewed the film a day before writing it up and things just fade away at my age.