Thursday, 8 March 2012

YungHan Chang & Kimberly Knoll "No Robots" (2011)

If you have not already seen
No Robots let me assure you that it is a very moving film with a theme that is both subtle and superbly realised. Robots are outlawed. Demonstrators wield placards in the street against them, they are picked up in the street. The proprietor of a cafe dutifully displays his "No Robots" sign on the door. To little avail. He is plagued by one of the smaller robots that steals a carton of milk from the counter. It is a skilled pilferer, lightning quick and eluding his attempt to thwart it. Of course it returns. That sort do. And so the cafe owner chases after it through the streets and gets lucky. Or does he? Drawn in soft, muted colours, determinedly 2D in a world of 3D, the astonishingly mature and sensitive graduation film is by two students from California's San Jose State University, YungHan Chang from Taiwan and Kimberly Knoll from the USA. It is one of those compelling works that dwells in the mind long after the movie is finished. The reason for the thefts, the consequences and the little scene in the darkened cafe at the close will stir emotions and give pause for thought for all of us who leap to conclusions, mindlessly believing what we read or are told.

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