Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Zdenek Miler "The Mole and the Music" ("Krtek a muzika" 1974)

A delayed epitaph for the great Czechoslovakian illustrator and director, Zdenek Miler, who died in Prague on 31 November 2011. (For his obituary read this article.) I was asked by some American students who was my favourite animator. Not possible to answer I answered! But I watch Zdenek more than any other director. I have a box set of the complete adventures of Krtek, The Mole, that I sent away to China to purchase. I am delighted to say my family think as much of the little fellow as I do. Let me tell you about him. Mole arrives out of his hole often unsure where he is. It may be a zoo or it could be a rubbish tip. Radios will be repaired and enjoyed, motor cars and roads explored, stars replaced in their orbit, or he may just take a ride on a magic carpet. Whatever and wherever, his resilient charm, the support for and by his fellow animals, the thwarting of the thieving magpies, or the simple delight in the countryside, his irrepressible optimism and good humour are sparks that keep childhood of all ages alive. So to The Mole and the Music, not the funniest of the series, but so very typical. Krtek has his phonograph and record broken by the windswept arrival of the mouse. Not to worry, with a little help from his friends it all ends well. Max and I watched this very episode earler today. At only three he does not understand what vinyl is but we muddled along in good humour. Impossibe not to. I last wrote about Zdenek and his creation in October 2007. Too long.

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bawa said...

Totally agree! The mole is a well-loved family phenomenon now.

I an trying to look for the sheet music from Mole films. Anyone have any pointers to any Czech sites/publishers that might sell those?