Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Alexander Gellner "One Minute Puberty" (2011)

The second of two shorts that have been hugely popular since they went live. I have some issues with the title. One Minute Puberty is in fact 1.40 seconds. Other than that I heartily approve of Berlin based Alexander Gellner with his pepped up, high octane young boy's guide to puberty. He makes it seem fun, not moody, miserable. (Adolescence, the world at your feet and such long long faces... but boy was I moody!) Browse Alexander's site and one may admire his comic books, providing a guide to his talent and style. So our young chap experiences the acne, growth spurts, accidents, discovers music, and then comes the really interesting stuff. Alcohol.  Drugs. Girls. Oh my. Our boy becomes a caveman. Niklas Kröger's music sets a lively pace that the animator is well capable of maintaining with a fizzing, dexterous series of monochrome drawings and lithe animation. There's humour throughout, with the transitions from stage to stage handled with ingenuity. He made the piece for Bitteschö and since its release it has had simply oodles of viewings.

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