Monday, 30 April 2012

Ania Hazel Leszczynska "An Interrupted Story" (2011)

Here's a second film by Ania Leszczynska, An Interrupted Story, promised but not delivered some weeks back (see here). An interminable evening train journey through the darkening Scottish countryside gets considerably chillier when the train draws to a halt, a robbery occurs in the ensuing commotion and a mysterious stranger worries about finance and the problems of the world. The chance collection of strangers are drawn in coloured silhouettes in a dark background, their faces white, features stylised. A nice touch is to have the Grannie listening to her granddaughter read the story of the big bad wolf in the woods. It casts a light on their passengers that is difficult to dispel particularly given the stark soundtrack from Gareth Griffiths. Creating a little drama like this is a highly ambitious affair. The whole sound package is put together by Pete Smith. I know from experience how difficult a task it is when recording amateurs, no matter how natural. I surmise Ania enlisted her friends to provide the dialogue which is contemporary and quite successful. There's a revealing thanks to one Annalise Wimmer at the close  because "without her I'd have scared myself to death during those long nights animating in empty Edinburgh College of Art." It says so much about Ania's dedication for this is some solo project - albeit friends assisted in the animating. The production process is always interesting. Here is Ania's in progress report demonstrating how pencil on paper sketches are coloured and composited digitally. Today's blog is an interrupted story for there's a third film to come (and Ania's second film made in her third year) alongside the work of one her fellow contributors.

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