Friday, 13 April 2012

Ania Hazel Leszczynska "Monster in the Toilet" & "but it makes me happy" (2009)

Monster in the Toilet was a second year film for Ania Hazel Leszczynska at Edinburgh College of Art, part of the city's university. A young girl takes refuge in the school loos, escaping from her own shyness and the scorn of older, more worldly girls.  She could have made friends with a fellow inmate of the toilet who is not as frightening as might be supposed. The washed out colour and stylish economy of the artwork is a delight, as is the sympathetic narration of Cat Bruce, fellow animation student on the course whose work is scheduled to appear here shortly. I have just viewed an otherwise excellent piece by a group who spoiled their work by using voices for the dialogue that did not convince. No such problem here. The monster noises too must have cost a fortune to have been made so professionally.

but it makes me happy made me rather sad at the close as the wisdom of older brother flies in the face of his younger sister who has to face some withering criticism. Blossom trees are fleeting and one particularly gorgeous one has left its white petals on my lawn as I type, having just endured a hailstorm. But they are not, as elder brother claims, transitory. They linger. As does the vivid splash of colour, so different from monsters in toilets. The short film is such a mature piece for a young student to make. Again Ania makes the right choice for narrator with Nurio G Blanco voicing both siblings and adds the delicate, melodic piano of Neil MacDougall. Still living in Edinburgh, Ania works as a junior model maker and animator at the city's Kolic Films. After her secondary education in Poland, she first studied at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I shall leave Ania's final graduation piece, created in a totally different style, for later in the week.


leszczynska said...

hm... I never worked in the tax office... other than that, thank you :)

Ian Lumsden said...

Ha. I read the tax office reference in your CV again and I apologise for the slur. In the sense you meant it I too work for the inland revenue! Very hard actually. Sloppy research on my part but good work from you.