Sunday, 1 April 2012

Asparuh Petrov "Christmas Trolley" (Trolite 2011)

I do not entirely understand the lyrics from Rumen Stanimirov that is represented so rumbustiously by Bulgarian director Asparuh Petrov in his animated music video for Trolite's Christmas Trolley. A bravura animation, briefly it consists of boarding a trolley bus with a drunken driver and, after some negotiation from above, with Santa himself who has imbibed of the local beverage too freely. Four aliens, some bumpy roads, a parachute drop from Santa using a red brolly, and pizazz aplenty. It will all come to no good, of course, but the passengers are so sozzled it scarcely matters. At only 90 seconds or so it's a swift ride and bathed in a sulphur glow I relished the glorious madness of it all. Not seasonal but it is April 1st.
"No time now for education, explanation comes today -
It's high time now to remember
Your degree in Childhood dreams."

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