Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bruno Bozzetto "La Piscina" (1976)

What are the consequences of an elephant drinking from a swimming pool? I'll let you discover for yourself when watching the utterly inimitable Bruno Bozzetto's 1976 short, La Piscina. The six minute piece has all the hallmarks of the great man with its unembellished artwork, zany humour and wry commentary on human nature. So our guy buys a plot in woodland, most of which has to be levelled to accommodate a prefabricated house, leaving one house, one tree and one guy without a swimming pool. The tree has to go. But will he be able to enjoy a swim in his own pool? A series of entirely predictable unpredictable events deter our guy from his morning dip. Which is where the elephant comes in. The great beasts have a huge thirst. A family of ducks, yes. The Apollo spacecraft? Surely not. A homily for our times. Bruno is a delightful man and very helpful to me in the past. A happy Easter to him and yourselves.


Colin said...

Thanks - I had never heard of this guy's work before. Cute, funny and very 1970s :-)

Ian Lumsden said...

I've blogged on several of hiis works before. He's a sort of personal tonic. But for everyone!

Stew said...

I suppose that prefab house is made of prefabricated wall as well, yeah?