Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cameron Gough "Best Over Ice" (2012) & "Alcohol and the Brain" (2011)

Best Over Ice and Alcohol and the Brain: a double header today, demonstrating how a busy director turns his hand to two different briefs. First is the heady little brew for cider maker, Bulmers, from Australian director, Cameron Gough. The classic 30 seconds in length, light on information, high on slick visual simplicity. Cider, a drink for the 21st century. It was made exclusively for the Rooftop Cinema and the rich sound quality is important, I think. As the ice is added the drink explodes. The second ad is of much more serious intent, about the development of the brain and the effects of alcohol on the brain in adolescence. It is full of facts albeit broken down into digestible chunks through the force of the visuals, the brain being viewed as a factory, little workers beavering away in their various departments, except when under the influence of alcohol when they seem to float about. The whole thing is nicely done too, touches of humour throughout. Thus we see the effects of alcohol. In my days as a teacher I could happily have devoted several lessons to this one animation. The pair offer different persectives: heart or brain? Which one works best, class? The cider one, sir. Every time, I guess, in an unequal contest.


Anonymous said...

Good to read about an Aussie!

Lisa said...

These have a great style, and the company produce a lot of nice work!