Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Claudius Gentinetta "The Cable Car" (2008 "Die Seilbahn")

It is a dangerous business sniffing snuff on a Swiss cable car. Claudius Gentinetta directs a very funny 2D short, The Cable Car, the central premise being that every sneeze has a detrimental effect on the tradionally robust vehicle. It starts slowly, (as do all cable rides) as the man with the big nose loads his immaculately drawn and animated suitcase onto the car, before launching himself into the heady mountain air. Breaking through the greenery he is relaxed enough to open up his snuff box. Big mistake. The disintegration of the car and the uses he makes of his trusty sticky tape are a source of great entertainment. I note that 43 year old Claudius presently lives in Zurich, having attended art schools in Switzerland, Germany and England, and also worked for one year in Poland. He is a very gifted artist and animator with a sense of humour and a mixed repertoire of drawing, shown in the intricately drawn cable car (beautifully animated), broad caricature and the alpine scenery. Claudius has a very comprehensive website where a copy of the film can be downloaded.

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