Thursday, 12 April 2012

GIRAF Animation Festival : Call for Submissions

GIRAF Animation Festival


Deadline: August 1, 2012

The 8th annual GIRAF (or the Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival) is looking for Animation submissions, in all styles, genres, lengths, and mediums. Our programs are a strong eclectic mix of animation, representing the best of the medium from Claymation to CG. We focus on presenting indie, experimental, and underground animations that push boundaries through new techniques, unique visions, and stimulating subject matter.  Our 2011 program featured visiting artist David O’Reilly, and 3 of the 5 Academy Award nominees for Best Short Animation!

We DO NOT CHARGE A SUBMISSION FEE, and encourage short and feature length local, national, international, and student submissions.

Animators can submit online at:


Kimberley said...

Wow this is interesting! I actually work for a Digital Animation company called Muvizu. Its a 3D Application where you can create your own 3D animation under your own rules, and its FREE! This would be excellent for some of our users!
If you get the chance you should check out our site.
Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Ian Lumsden said...

Hi Kim, I get a lot of comments from folk wishing to push their own work and, within reason, why not I say. I'll take a look and thank you for your many comments.

STC Technologies said...

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Kimberley said...

Thanks Ian, heres a trailer for our new release coming up in July. Superhero's! :) exciting!

Kimberley said...

would kinda help if I paste the link. apologies :P

Ian Lumsden said...

Hi Kim, I've taken a look at the fragment. It looks as if it should appear on the blog in a longer form. I just guess you'll keep me posted. And if you don't get a reply it's because I'm off on my hols shortly. I've written articles to keep you occupied in my absence.