Friday, 6 April 2012

Hannah Letaïf "Cases ou je ne suis pas un monstre" (2011)

Plant an amaryllis bulb in a pot and one can be fairly sure what will occur given optimum conditions. Locate adults within a confined space and the results are not quite so predictable. Annie is a shapely 24 year old. Her demon is food. Computer nerd, squash player and young lovers feature in a screen often divided into quarters as the experiment proceeds. Excess fat, muscles, children and distortion arise in no particular order, Annie and her bulimia providing one of the visual excesses on view. Scientific experiments are not intended to be a bundle of  laughs. Hannah Letaïf's Cases ou je ne suis pas un monstre is an interesting exercise in animation: 2D, cold, analytic, well executed. Unusual. Hanna is a student at Brussels's L'école de la Cambre, the architectural and visual arts school. As an exercise in drawing I used to take my pen on a walk, seeing how things might develop, or degenerate as in this exercise. 

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