Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Noriko Okaku 'Electropia' (Joyz 2011)

I am preparing a series of articles on the great animation schools.The Royal College of Art in London can be relied on to produce more than its fair share of talented individuals and I challenge you to spot any house style or family resemblance. Individuals all. Noriko Okaku studied there from 2003-2005, having previously been at two other London colleges since arriving in the English capital in 1999 from Japan. She was awarded the  2011 Best Music Video last September at Ottawa for her pulsating Electropia, an exploding sequence of colour and illustrations for Joyz. No-one thanks me for indicating influences but I see Terry Gilliam mixed with an awful lot of Okaku - I did say they were all individuals. Everything fairly bounces along in the mix, kaleidoscopic explosions of colour interposed with a monochrome collage. The judges said of her work: “The most successful musical visualisation in the competition.” I've been posting, and will continue to do so, a series of blogs on material with an astounding number of hits. Noriko has had only two comments on her work (the indefatigable Max Hattler - RSA himself - is one). Well a mention here surely balances up the equation.

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