Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rafael Velásquez Stanbury "D" (2011)

Rafael Velásquez Stanbury is a Venezuelan national with a background in film, who has just completed an MA at university in Barcelona. His movie, D, has quite a distinctive look as you will discover. In essence it is just one more of those chase movies one sees a lot of - for very good reason in this case as a homicidal fountain pen attempts to blot out the life of a diminutive figure, "d". There are some ingenious escapades set in a manuscript before the "d" grows up to "D". And fights back. The short is produced by Chiguire Animation Studios, with René Alex leading the animation and Eduardo Stanbury providing a properly melodramatic score. It's a clever, unusual film and, unlike one contributor to Vimeo, I liked the sound, courtesy Iván Urbina. Rafael has his own blog which is so dynamic it makes mine look positively antediluvian. Tomorrow I continue with my series of articles, Great Schools of Animation.

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