Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rok Predin "Inside" (2012)

The fine arts background of Rok Predin is manifest in the short, mesmerising piece, Inside. The Slovenian director adds a series of disparate objects peeling away the layers in each to reveal an inner core of the unexpected. As well as an undoubted visual appeal Rok shares the billing with Croatian composer and musician, Ivan Arnold, whose portentous soundtrack adds a definite gravity to proceedings. I have had a press release from the superb London studio Trunk Animation, of which I'll provide just a snippet on the process itself: "Inside was created using Cinema 4D and composited using After Effects" and add the fact that I wrote about it before reading the crib to discover we both, studio copywriter and my good self, used the word mesmerising. Nice to know we are on the right wavelength. In fact there is something of the design exhibit about the short, set against a blank canvas, we study the object awhile marvelling at the leg in the crocodile, curious about the innermost contents of the great whale: a fully rigged sailing boat yes, white seagulls in flight no. As we agreed, mesmerising. There is a profile of Rok from a March edition of Design Week. The two, animator and musician, collaborated on the longer, superb Winter Poem. Watch this space.

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