Friday, 27 April 2012

Sean Soong "SubWars"

A newly released short from China, SubWars,  has received a lot of notice on the blogs though I know little of the director, Sean Soong, other than he is studying at the Animation School at the Communication University of China. In a very slick action movie, a solemn old guy, sporting a communist badge on his headgear, is ignored by fellow passengers on the subway who refuse to give up their seats in a rather ostentatious manner despite posted notices requiring them to do so. Only one child offers his place, an act of generosity not shared by his elders, that is perhaps too late to stop carnage with a capital C. In shades of sepia and stark red, the action is martial arts and glorious retribution. Our guy becomes the people's vigilante, lightsaber and the force very much with him. And surely people who don't give up their seats deserve all they get, and they get a lot in this conflagration. There is particularly good use of sound effects and a refreshingly different style about the piece in the characterisation. It is about time that we saw more quality work from China given their prominence everywhere else. It may well be Star Wars influenced but it has the smack of the orient about it. More than a smack actually. The casualty count is high.


jeff said...

I love this creation and i admire it,we are also under the same business that is 3D Scientific Modelling url
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Osaru-yo said...

That animation is insane! Their are lots of tributes to different works and franchises in there. I think that it would be truly frighting if that happened if you refused to give your seat to an elder >_>

Ian Lumsden said...

I quite agree. Quite insane, but beautifully done. I must emphasise that the Animation Blog does not advocate the annihilation of uncivil passengers. Our ultimate aim is a bus for each passenger.

Kimberley said...

This Animation is SICK! I love star wars, I love brutal blood and guts videos with explosions! It was just everything I love handed to me on a plate! Amazing!