Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tobias Knipf & Andreas Kronbeck "Glückskette: Chaîne du bonheur " (2011)

Whenever I write about films for charity a glut of page views are predictable.(Though the most popular article was actually about Peppa Pig!!)  But entirely for reasons of quality over popularity here is a well crafted short in support of Swiss charity, Glückskette. Chaîne du bonheur / Swiss Solidarity takes as its starting point a huge storm that devastates an island community. Broadcast television footage into a representative western family triggers a positive humanitarian reaction showing the range of possible responses from the charity. Tobias Knipf and Andreas Kronbeck's work eschews any of the realism of the genuine disaster but the illustrative clarity of the piece (and its simple humour) is admirable, not so much in eliciting specific donations, as with most work of this kind, but in awakening the international viewer to Glückskette itself. The German and Swiss directors together form Musclebeaver


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