Friday, 20 April 2012

Tyler Carter "DreamGiver" (2011)

DreamGiver is the first short featured on the Animation Blog from Utah's Brigham Young University, a decidedly strange omission given the all round quality of director Tyler Carter's film. With a benign nod to Paul Berry's The Sandman, a strange winged figure appears in the bedroom of a young boy, laden with glowing eggs, each of which releases a dream triggered by the boy's obvious regard for sport, music and reading about ancient Aztec mythology. The fellow miscalculates however when a mishap occurs with one of the eggs. The piece features both 3D (reality) and 2D (dreams) and a sumptuous, cinematic score by Lance Montgomery, played superbly by the university's orchestra. Tyler acknowledges the work of his team of fellow animators in what is an ambitious undertaking. The smooth animation, overall quality of artwork and production values make for professional quality. BYU is conspicuously well resourced, courtesy of patrons The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In an accomplished behind the scenes video, directed by Wyatt Strain, the secrets of animation are delineated, from storyboard, modelling, rigging ... We meet the team, including staff from the Center For Animation Faculty. We get to see and hear a very youthful orchestra perform. As a shop window for BYU I can conceive of no better exposure. I understand it is now very much a multi-national university, presumably attracting members of LDS from across the globe. The video reveals the quality of Tyler's input, his artistic talent and drive, together with the support he received.

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