Monday, 23 April 2012

W. Scott Forbes "A Good Wife" (2011)

It is refreshing when students choose something emotionally challenging for their final graduation film. W. Scott Forbes from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, has made a moody piece, A Good Wife, full of stilled moments for reflection, in which a young mother has time to consider her tryst in motel Room 208. Set in the 1960s, with music from The Shirelles and the apposite Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow piercing the airways, one is left to ponder the ambiguity of whether our girl reflects on the constancy of husband or lover. (By the way, any undergraduate with the wit to incorporate The Shirelles deserves to be awarded a first in my book!) She returns eventually to a home redolent of the post war decades where everything is glass, for us to see through and out of, in the transparent 20th century. Now the great thing about a film that features lots of still images is that the process of animating is reduced, a policy having a certain appeal in a single-handed work like this. Scott succeeds because his artwork has a style about it, with a subject lending itself to a slow moving treatment. Of course there is also the considerable bonus of languid, tuneful music by Cyrille Marchesseau and the expert sound effects of Julien Begault, both of whom provide something special for a graduation piece. 

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