Saturday, 14 April 2012

Xin Li "Warm Winter" (2009)

I still remember saying goodbye to my parents when I set off for college all those years ago. That was only to Liverpool and I left them on the platform of Carlisle's Railway Station. Imagine how more traumatic it is when one crosses oceans. My parents and I separated in tears, Xin Li leaves his mother with harsh words but mothers are not so easily shaken off. Warm Winter has a tenderness about it that is most endearing, the sepia images drawn in smudgy lines developed in Photoshop; only the scarlet scarf cuts through the winter and airport gloom. Notice where the scarf ends up - a nice touch. Xin is a student at Queensland College of Art, part of Griffith University. The choice of narrator or music is a key feature in any film. No narration here but lovely piano from Tim Bond and sound design courtesy Paul Lalo. Xin comes from Harbin in China, moving to Australia as a student in 2007. Warm Winter was made in his second year and has only just become available on the web. He is a fine artist in every sense of the word as a click on his link will clarify.

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