Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ben Cady "The Goat and the Well" (2011)

The Goat and the Well has received a lot of awards and praise for an undergraduate animated short (as opposed to a graduation piece). Newport University's Ben Cady has a simple idea and a cantankerous goat. Lady wants to obtain water from well and milk from goat. Goat is thirsty. So lady has difficulty in obtaining water and milk. It is the patiently built up scenario that creates the humour; the goat does nothing in a rush and everything she does is predictable, inexorable, and very funny. Ben drew the simple sketched drawings by hand, then scanned and edited them in Adobe Elements. He also had a friend, Kassian Sheppard, do the sound, the pure simplicity of it blending in with style and narrative to perfection. The piece won won two awards at Ottawa. Deservedly. A joy, much appreciated by animation blogs everywhere to which, belatedly, I add my own.

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