Monday, 28 May 2012

Bo Mathorne "The Backwater Gospel" (2011)

The Backwater Gospel is one heck of a movie. It is startlingly original and quite quite brilliant. I wrote yesterday about Denmark's The Animation Workshop as part of my series on animation schools. Consider this to be a second instalment. For now, see why the school is rightly up there with the greats. The film is set in one of those Spaghetti Western, dust bowl sets, where the undertaker rules supreme, except maybe for the local preacher whose zombie-like congregation are driven to violence against the town balladeer whose song is not that bad in truth. His actual crime is that he will not come to church. But the undertaker shows every sign of turning up and that certainly scares the folk in shanty town, scares them all more than half to death, double that to be literal. Director Bo Mathorne scores highly in the brutality stakes albeit there's tongue in cheek relish of all that gore. Visually the film is a treat, the stylised characters possessing angular, skull-like faces, mouths full of deformed teeth and venom, whilst the choice of shots provides ample opportunity to zoom in on the faces. In 3D the film is astonishing with special effects and a soundtrack to match. For an engrossing and informative insight, watch the two making ofs from Bo Mathorne and Arthur Gil Larsen the Animation Lead.

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Kimberley said...

WOW! The animation in this and the style of it is AMAZING! So gruesome and things but definitely a work of art! :)