Friday, 18 May 2012

Carla Veldman "The Scarf" (2010)

Grandma forgets how to knit, pours the orange juice into the breakfast cereal: She was there and not there. Who are you? she asks of her doting grandson. Carla Veldman's graduate film, The Scarf, from 2010 is an affectionate stop motion film that does not try too hard for sentimentality in its treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. And, of course, it is. This is not a personal blog in the sense that I reveal all, but my grandfather said something similar when I visited from university. Unusually for me I never spoke about it. I was hurt and took it too personally. The boy in Carla's lovely film hides his scarf away and a neat piece of script writing ties the loose ends together at the close. Another wonderful film from Sheridan College. Carla works freelance in Toronto. May she always be in work.


Kimberley said...

This Animation is beautiful! It honestly brought a tear to my eye. Such a beautiful video. And I love stop motion animation! 5 stars!!!

Anonymous said...

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