Thursday, 24 May 2012

Christobal De Oliveira "Aalterate" (Float 2011)

Do give time for this artful nine minute film, Aalterate, to develop for it is very powerful with astonishing imagery. A young woman is in a coma, her body clinging on to life, yet her spirit ready to leave. From her body expanding fibres of matter stretch out, as a vine might, growing increasingly dominant, complex, compelling.  We begin to understand that a car accident caused her injuries. The various imagery has resonance: pulses of light from the sun, eclipses, and the automobile plunged into water, destroyed by fire. Most of all, the labyrinthine circuits of the brain.  Christobal De Oliveira's first film is due to be aired at Annecy next month. Maxime Drouillard has created a soundtrack that underscores the visual intensity to perfection. Nicolas Schmerkin produced the Dutch/ French piece. His Paris based company Autour de Minuit was responsible for Logorama the deserved Oscar winner in 2010.


Kimberley said...

WOW! This is beautiful, strange but very nice to watch.

virtualVoyage` said...

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