Saturday, 26 May 2012

Christopher Alender "Eye of the Storm" (Ben Lovett 2011)

Steampunk Saturday. Ben Lovett's Eye of the Storm, directed by Christopher Alender has amassed nearly half a million hits on YouTube alone so it's likely you will have seen it but fewer of you will have viewed the behind the scenes video. The lyrics suggests heading into the eye of a storm and this is what occurs. The captain steers his flying machine by wires slap bang into the winds though the storm is not actually as ferocious as might be envisaged. It is however visually appealing and suitably enigmatic. And of course the music is great. View the production video and learn all about red tape, black light and blue screens. Learn that Lovett himself is behind the goggles. See where the lighting, the animation and the electronic wizardry coalesce.  To take one example, the flying scarf is puppeteered and then jazzed up by visual effects guru Wes Ball.  The company responsible, Soapbox Films, is based in Burbank, California.


virtualVoyage` said...

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Kimberley said...

This is amazing! Wow! I enjoyed watching this really nice animation.