Thursday, 17 May 2012

Donato Sansone "Topo Glassato al Cioccolato" (2011)

I'm going to introduce today's animation by reference to an earlier work from Donato Sansone when he made a marvellous flip book, Videogioco - the link being to an article I wrote in 2009. The film was full of, as I said at the time, butchery and decapitations, and so is Topo Glassato al Cioccolato, only more so really. Plus some modest sexual imagery. So having obtained your interest, I can't unravel in any meaningful way a narrative other than I made a screenshot of some pretty birds to indicate the sketched style, rather than lovers who are wrenched apart, er literally, or erupting human beings born to break like porcelain as they hit the ground. My money was on the rabbit to survive. I lost. In fact the piece is stylish and artistic, the arresting stream of images, finely drawn on a cluttered canvas, delighting in their little explosions and mutations. There is also the rather fabulous sound design from Enrico Ascoli who created the sound for Donato's flip book and, as it happens, for The Box - Poltergeist. Two further points. First the translated title is Mouse Frosted Chocolate. (And, no, I wouldn't buy it either.) Second, Donato has the pseudonym Milkyeyes. Sweet.


Kimberley said...

This sounds brutal but interesting! :)

Ian Lumsden said...

Probably a little less brutal than I described! I tend to over-hype things a bit.