Saturday, 12 May 2012

Elena Pomares "The Henhouse" (2010)

The Henhouse is just classy, in its off-beat, deadpan style. It features a hungry fox who looks into a restaurant, sees a lady feeding a pet pooch and thinks to itself, why not? Naturally enough, a fox entering the fray does not excite any interest amongst the diners, even being taken onto the staff. Then a series of unfortunate mishaps cause some anxiety in the ranks, though nothing that a change of role cannot rectify. The fox is still hungry though and there's a terrible little boy. Made in 2010 at the National Film and Television School by Elena Pomares, who originally graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona before venturing to London for her MA and where she is presently based. The fine arts background shows in the arty hand drawn figures and settings, against screen printed backgrounds. But then there's that immeasurably restrained way in which Elena sets up the humour, never overdoing it, never rushing. It's a cool piece of work. I've already said it is classy. Well it is.

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