Friday, 4 May 2012

Eusong Lee "Will" (2012)

A girl listens to her daddy's voice on the answer machine and plays with the yo-yo he gave her before setting off for work. A number of factors make today's movie completely special. Will is first and foremost a beautifully crafted film that will surely move you. Second it has astonishingly apt music from Julian Kleiss that adds to a poignancy not usually achieved in a student work. Thirdly the voice recording of Dario Barrera is central. And brought tears to my eyes. Eusong Lee has made a wonderful tribute. The significant change of colours for father and daughter, and one exquisite moment of sheer artistry as the action is held on pause for a moment. This elegantly composed 2D piece is a credit to CalArts. They turn out brilliantly prepared students. Create marvellous films. But none better than this.

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