Sunday, 27 May 2012

Great Schools of Animation: The Animation Workshop (Denmark)

The Animation Workshop is based in former army barracks in Viborg, Denmark. It is a genuinely cosmopolitan environment, with 85% of staff, 15% of students and 30% of the community being international; all lessons are in English. Students for the Bachelor degree choose the Character Animation course. The 3½ year course initially concentrates on drawing and design together with developing an aesthetic sensibility. There follows a thorough grounding in all forms of animation culminating in the final graduation film in year 3. Internships are arranged for the last semester term. The course develops personal confidence and the ability to work within a team. Details are here. Admission requirements include advanced levels of examination success, ability to converse in English and a portfolio. Very detailed requirements are made for the latter. International students should check here. Those from within the EU/EEA pay no tuition fees, those outside €12.903 a year. All students pay a materials fee of approximately €10,640 over the entire time in the school.  Guaranteed accommodation is up to a high of €404 per month. Most animation students live in dormitory Camp Logos. Scholarships are available. Teaching is considered to be outstanding, the school attracting staff from all over the world. There's a definite sense of fun about the place. Increasingly the school is winning awards at international animation festivals.

I intend to feature quite a few films from Viborg in the next few weeks. For now I thought it interesting to show work that is very much workshop. The videos provide testimony to the process of taking already talented artists and adding animation skills that are enviable. I don't say this lightly, but were I embarking on a career in animation, I'd be dusting off my passport and purchasing Frommer's Denmark.
Marion Strunck's show reel from her first year character animation classes provides an excellent introduction to an animation course,  the very basics, the walk cycle, inbetweening, storyboarding. It's all here and therefore is a valuable resource. I'll take an interest in Marion's work as she progresses.

For Marion read Rasmus Brinck for his mid year one show reel covers the same ground. His work displays a growing confidence naturally enough as the year progresses. Clearly the course is rooted in drawing. The chosen music shows good taste (I Turn My Camera On - Spoon)
A sequence from a Maya class from 2008 by Louise Muchardt. She's a good animator (see her gorgeous dance) and a great judge of comedy for her routine is a very funny one from Monty Python where Eric Idle and John Cleese discuss how to market short lengths of string.

From the second semester here's a showreel of Camilla Gunborg Pedersen that includes colour, Flash and her little film, Soup in My Hair, plus a nice tribute to Roland Seer, musician and composer (it has some audio footage of Camilla herself talking to the guy.)

John Kenn Mortensen made his very funny Fishing with Spinoza in 2007. It was one of the first films I had seen from the school and I was pleased to find it on-line. Jude and Ruby are fishing in an open boat, engaging in philosophical chat whilst waiting for the legendary fish, Moby. Losing themselves in debate about Spinoza they forget that tangling toes provide bait. They do find their uncle's toe. It is interesting that the style of TAW film has changed in the last few years.


Kimberley said...

HAHAHAHA Fishing with Spinoza is hilarious! Defo my fave! Really good.

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Nash Lin said...

The animation created by the students from this school looks promising and creative! I wish they would have more of such school in asian countries. I really love the art style in Soup in My Hair. Btw here is a quick start to creating flash animation video tutorial.