Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Guido Manuli "Incubus" (1985)

Born in 1939, originally based in Milan, Guido Manuli is inevitably linked to his partner Bruno Bozzetto with whom he collaborated in two of his masterpieces, Mr Rossi and Allegro Non Troppo. Michael Sporn has written about how Guido milks every situation for its gags. Incubus
is a case in point. Here a man living in a high rise block engages in various dark visions which are not real until, inevitably, he wakes up to discover his dreams are reality. I found the looped screaming a little tiresome to be frank but Manuli's wit and ingenuity are fresh and funny a quarter of a century since the short was made. Guido is thankfully still working, his series Acqua in Bocca being current and popular.


Kimberley said...

Very strange video, I liked it but I didn't quite understand the end? :S

Anonymous said...

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