Monday, 7 May 2012

"Hambuster" Paul Alexandre, Maxime Cazaux, Dara Cazamea, Romain Delaunay & Bruno Ortolland (2011)

Of course even if it is just another chase movie from those crazy, multi-skilled French students from Supinfocom ArlesHambuster  (or, if you prefer it fried in calorie laden StereoAnaglyph, eat here) is pretty sensational all the same. An Arnold Schwarzenegger hamburger, pumped up on testosterone laced ketchup, launches itself on a revenge-driven gross-out. Jaw dropping, bloodlettingly excessive, with sound effects to match and enough carnage to satisfy your teenage son or brother for six minutes. Paul Alexandre, Maxime Cazaux, Dara CazameaRomain Delaunay and Bruno Ortolland excel themselves, paying homage to B and not so B movies everywhere. You've seen the movie now enjoy the cartoon. Naturally, I've witnessed all these events on the big screen but never from a burger. In my innocence I believed all those calories took years to silt up the arteries. Never in my wildest dreams .... Enough of the hype. The movie has naturally enough gripped the internet, as such boodfests normally do, particularly if parodying Hollywood and casting a burger in the main role. If all the movies featured here or created in the great animation schools were like this then I'd give up the blog. Of course they are not. More hors d'oeuvre, however spectacular, to a very varied cuisine. And in this case, witty, great fun, marvellously made.

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