Monday, 14 May 2012

Ian Robertson ‘Get By’ (Delta Heavy 2012)

I could have done a before and after screenshot today but in deference to our younger browsers I limited myself to the former. For sheer audacity and outright brutality today's music video takes the biscuit. Now this is a cute English expression that would be pulverised to flour by director Ian Robertson. Get By, for Delta Heavy's forthcoming album, Down The Rabbit Hole, destroys more games and toys in four minutes than my kids did in a lifetime. And I'm not talking stuffing scrabble pieces down the back of the sofa, I'm talking smashing the square plastic letters to dust and feeding the debris into a mincer so the whole glossy whole is mush. And revelling in it. In short, the video is superb - genuinely merciless and so slick in its devastation. No toys were hurt in the making of this motion picture. Rubbish. They were annihilated in chillingly iced blood. You will doubtless have gathered that I was blow away by this stop motion film. The ingenuity and planning that goes into the production is more than first class. Setting up the scenes  must have taken an age and they are so deftly executed and filmed. Destruction can be a work of art. Annie Ward gave us the illustrations, Matt Cameron the visual effects and finishing. Ian's fabulous music video will be the second to be featured here in two days.


Andrew Watson said...

As i think the work of Annie Ward was more important in this picture because without a clear illustration anyone can not implement what is intended to and the animation is solely depend upon imagination so the illustration of imagination matters a lot.

Ian Lumsden said...

I certainly don't disagree, Andrew. I'm often haphazard in my naming and praising the other members of the crew. Usually it's lack of time, often ignorance. Annie's work here is integral.

Coco Floss said...

For me, it's a perfect illustration! Annie really did a good job :)

Kimberley said...

I loved this video, I myself quite like the old dubstep and drum and bass track here and there, so the music is defo my cup of tea! But the video WOW! IT brings all my childhood toys back to mind. Its just Terrific!

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