Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jamie Caliri "The Rifle's Spiral" (The Shins 2012)

The Rifle's Spiral, the second music video in two days and it is a stunner from Jamie Caliri for The Shins. Jamie is one of the very best in the business. He mixes stop motion and 2D on a striking set with a roughly washed backdrop, and puppets possessing mystery and menace. Three evident villains look like they have emerged from one of those spaghetti westerns, mercenaries transported by railway to town, up to no good, with metal fingers wielded like daggers as they muscle in on a young conjurer's territory. Their attempt to magic up their (paper) rabbit however comes to grief when they unwittingly become immersed in a spectacular act of illusion. Or is it just illusion? I'm a fan of the band and the track takes flight in the magician's hands, puppet and director. A theatrical tour de force by a master performer. This, by the way, is no solo feat, Jamie enlisting a talented crew, the many credits and the technical detail provided in the Vimeo link above. I had praise for Jamie way back in 2007. He was soaring away then, magic man that he is.


Kimberley said...

This music Video is gorgeous! So creative and it looks fantastic! Love, love, love!

saxophonist said...

Stunning imagery, very Tim Burton-esque and quite macabre. A perfect stage for Mercer's new band to perform. I was sceptical of their new album due to being a long-time fan of The Shins but this album has blown me away and Caliri has done this piece justice. Spot on, sir!

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