Wednesday, 16 May 2012

John Minnis "Charade" (1984)

John Minnis won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for Charade. You know the game. Film: man bends over taking his trousers down. "The Black Hole". "I know this one." Movie and Book: Guy with collar turned up, holding crucifix, drinking blood, flying as a bat, stake in chest: Sorry, time's up. As signalled by the title this is a brisk canter through a game of charades with the voices provided by Minnis himself during a three month spree when on vacation from Sheridan College. It is the only animated short of his that I know about. It was coloured by Pantone markers on paper. There is a clever and witty script and I like the English accents interspersed with voices from our colonial brothers (joke!) I'm amazed by just how many of the movie suggestions seem so modern. I can't believe they all predate 1984. Is it the best animation I've seen awarded an Oscar? No. But it's within one man's compass and I like that it.

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