Saturday, 5 May 2012

Moritz Mayerhofer "The Last Tree" (2003)

Here's an early film from Germany's Moritz Mayerhofer whose latest work and graduation piece, Urs, is doing the festival circuit. The Last Tree is as they say on the packet, the story of the last tree standing. It commences in a grey world of monotonous computer graphics from which an equally grey robot is distracted by a single blossom, the colour of which acts as a magnet, drawing him out of his world to renaissance and rebirth. Moritz has just completed his degree at one of the world's top animation schools,  Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, (a shameless plug for my weekend series though Sunday's featured school happens to be in a different continent.) The film is that of an embryonic talent but I found its central concept compelling, and Moritz's animation very effective, moving even. The music of Kostia Rapoport adds gravitas. It will be interesting to trace his development over the years when I get my hands on Urs. To judge from the trailer it has the same sense of wonder but a real man with a mountain to climb.

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