Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sabrina Cotugno "Kagemono: The Shadow Folk" (2012)

Here am I believing I had discovered Gruffalo MK 11 and the cute and cuddly critter turns round and bites. As in not cuddly but lethal. Sabrina Cotugno is a 4th year student at CalArts.   Her graduation film is Kagemono: The Shadow Folk. In a delectably drawn opening sequence we meet a delightful bushy tailed fox called Beopup, an immature or inept hunter of other cuddly things. It's not quite Disney but in the vicinity. Things get darker when Beopup tangles with a seemingly unpleasant kind of shadow dragon though after the skirmish there is still time to play with the cuddly shadow mouse. Big mistake. From then on it turns decidedly ugly and not Disney at all. Vampires, as I have opined before, are flavour of the month in film and literary land for reasons that entirely elude me. I'll make an exception here. Sabina has benefitted greatly from her four years of studying animation in Valencia. She is a native Los Angeles girl with invaluable experience as an exchange student at Gobelins L'Ecole de L'image in Paris and as story intern at Pixar Studios.

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