Monday, 14 May 2012

Sam Burton & George Coffey "A client's guide to making an Animatic" (2012)

A client's guide to making an Animatic
is a light-hearted guide to the process of running a professional studio and attempting to earn a living. George Coffey and Sam Burton, Head Animator at Three Blind Mice, introduce us to the team, then seize the paper aeroplane with a script prior to meeting the agency face to face, reach agreement, scamps, trace, line, colour .... watch it on the telly. Simon Gregor's voice-over all makes it all seem pretty simple, and he's got a pleasant, accessible voice. It may well be basic for those in the business but many readers of the blog are amateurs, students, me! There's a clear animated style that renders the glass a little less opaque. Two and a half blind mice now.

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