Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sink, Egg and Hallway (Blacklist & Dvein 2012)

You want monsters? Real monsters that climb out of the bathroom sink, wrench apart your floorboards and walls, monsters that are so excruciatingly obnoxious they make Alien seem half decent. We've got them folks. Cockroaches and termites (1 in 30 American homes). I feel an exclamation mark or three coming on. Sink, Egg and Hallway are the three new Terminix ads building on last year's batch, each giving a super monster alter ego to insects. Talk about scare tactics to drum up custom. I've got ants that are determined on gaining admission to the kitchen. The trouble is I quite admire ants and there's not that many. The 51% equity holder in my household has determined they have to go. If she saw this ad she's be after ferreting out the toxins in our garden shed. Last summer our neighbours gassed a busy nest of bumblebees that had gained access to an airbrick in their wall. They'd been all over our garden and never stung anyone. Cockroaches and termites of course are different, especially after seeing the three ads. The work, by the way, is from Barcelona-based Dvein.  Production company was Blacklist. I get lots of information. Here's something on Sink. “Our main goal was to create a very flexible and adaptable creature, who can narrow itself to get into your home by any tiny hole, as cockroaches do. In this case, we weren’t looking for a destroyer look but we wanted to show cockroaches as a synonym for dirt. We wanted to stress the disgusting mouth with no teeth, in contact with bathroom objects and licking everything around it.”

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Kimberley said...

Ewwwww!!!!! Cockroaches yuck! This video actually made me itch my skin like no tomorrow!