Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"Wild Mills" Guillaume Bergère, Guillaume Coudert, Maria Glinyanova, Bruno Guerra & Charlotte Jammet (2011)

Were I not on sabatical last year Wild Mills would have been on my list of top ten films of 2011. Produced by five students from Ecole Georges Méliès (Guillaume Bergère, Guillaume Coudert, Maria Glinyanova, Bruno Guerra and Charlotte Jammet) the short conjures up an evocative world of steampunk, of windmills and mechanical devices. A girl scurries around a giant windmill collecting sunlight in bubbles. A storm shakes this dark world. The trouble is that her father is in despair over the death of the girl's mother, whilst a dam is full to bursting point, threatening their very salvation. The huge windmill is in every way a towering feat of the imagination, not generating power so much as trapping the scarce light the pair require to leave their dying planet. There is drama and spectacle: the giant sail of the mill sweeping past the window, the bursting damn, the girl under the water. One piece of translation is required:
Daughter : "We have enough wind to leave."
Father : "I stay with your mother, go without us, go away."
Daughter : "I don't want to go without you."
The animation is of the finest quality, the lighting, texture and colour extraordinarily good. And the best thing I can say about Lucie Mayjonade's voice is that it matches the quality of the film itself. In other words, gorgeous.

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Kimberley said...

This is beautiful! The music in the background reminds me of Sigur Ros. Lovely video :)