Monday, 21 May 2012

Yves Geleyn "Colosse: A Wood Tale" (2009)

Colosse: A Wood Tale: an unexpectedly cute wooden puppet robot gets tangled up in a forest and has to be helped out by a woodpecker. It's amazing how such a diversity of ideas gets animated. Type in Yves Geleyn to the search this blog facility here and you will discover, firstly, what a wonderful device it is, then four other equally unusual shorts by the French animator. What a wonderful world when little treasures like this are made, in this case for New York's Hornet INC. I've enjoyed the music and sound work of Huma-Huma before. A nice start to the week.


Kimberley said...

This Video is beautiful! Such a lovely animation! Everything about this I love! So nice.

Ian Lumsden said...

Kim, I'm going to have to sign you up for the staff.

Kimberley said...

HAHA I just cant resist this blog! :)