Sunday, 17 June 2012

"Benigni" Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja Partanen & Elli Vuorinen (2009)

The second of two Finnish animated shorts this weekend. Benigni is a beauty albeit the hero is a rather seedy, chain-smoking xylophone player who lives a solitary existence until he discovers a nasty growth sprouting out of his side. Some drastic pruning is required. But wait awhile......  This is a superior stop motion film with an appealing subject amidst the squalor, and a relationship that is very moving. It is another product of the Turku Arts Academy featured yesterday. I know from my correspondence that stop motion is popular on the blog. Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja Partanen and Elli Vuorinen excel themselves, the story having all sorts of appealing twists and turns, plus a dramatic shock and beautifully conceived ending. The transformation of something awful is rendered with love, skill and sensitivity. I am surprised Benigni has not had more attention.


Autor said...

Strange movie.

Creepy and sort of decadent. But moving at the same time. Like so many real relationships.

Ian Lumsden said...

Just like some relationships. Good point. And it is decadent and rather sad.

Manana said...

it was so kind, just made me smile

Kimberley said...

I agree, it was quite creepy yet your heart went out to him... nicely made too.