Wednesday, 20 June 2012

David R. Christensen "Load" (2012)

Load is a powerful visual and audio experience. Set in an inhospitable world with chasms and cliffs, huge machines that both take and bestow burdens and mysterious colossal structures. In the midst of this stumbles a man burdened to collapse by the weight of stick-on notelets that are constantly being added to, obscuring his vision, blurring his mind. It is not surprising that under the weight of responsibility he buckles. For any of us who has worked in a pressurised environment this nightmare is all too real for all its heavy symbolism. I used to throw a lot of things about and turn infantile. Wrote a few lists in the diary and promptly forgot about them. Back to the movie. David R. Christensen leads his team from The Animation Workshop with aplomb.

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Kimberley said...

Nice animations, quite disturbing in a way but very good. :)