Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fred Rowson "World Enough" (Police Dog Hogan 2012)

Director Fred Rowson informs me that this is his first attempt at stop motion and, to be frank, it's more well filmed live action than animation, but I like the song and style. So to World Enough from bluegrass outfit Police Dog Hogan off their album, From The Land of Miracles. The band is excellent and no fly by night act, having been on the UK music scene for eons. Filmed at the Powell-Cotton Museum, actor Alistair Findlay wanders through the stuffed animal section before making friends with one of the inhabitants. Susie Jones handled the animation. She also makes cakes. Very stylish altogether, Fred, but may I make a plea for more animation next time. I may just purchase the album though.

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Kimberley said...

Cute video, very sweet :P I want that monkey he's adorable!