Thursday, 28 June 2012

"Infection" Vincent Dobbel, Mathieu Maurel & Jerome Ponzevera (2010)

Infection makes one wary of employees with grandiose ideas, this one being for self defence against infectious diseases. In the hope of winning a prize, Walter, the owner of a gas station, prepares himself to deal with robbers by employing pretend hoodlums who proceed to terrorise the poor fellow. Enter the young employee who claims to have studied medicine. He explains everything in terms of metaphor, though his boss is none too sure of figurative language. There follows a mounting escalation as the poor man has to be ever more heavily armed. Vincent Dobbel, Mathieu Maurel and Jerome Ponzevera make a funny film with the sort of ratcheting up of the action that is a staple of many French films that have proven hugely popular on YouTube - as this one has and for very good reason. Frankly, any film from ESMA (L'École supérieure des métiers artistiques) is going to be both artistically and technically first rate and Infection is no exception. I like the manic young man and the bigging up of the armoury although I found the underlying premise a little difficult to grasp.

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Kimberley said...

HAHA Brilliant! It was like a little mini movie! Quite funny too.