Thursday, 7 June 2012

"Mac 'n' Cheese" Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten, Guido Puijk & Roy Nieterau (2011)

Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten, Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau from Utrecht School of Arts made Mac 'n' Cheese 
in five months and it is considerably tastier than its namesake. Big guy chases long lean guy across the country causing havoc to traffic and citizens everywhere. The traditional chase movie much loved of Hollywood is in the style of those French graduation films I feature here frequently. It is well made, inventive and exciting. In fact so frantic is the chase that the ugly guy has to have a time out to take drugs, two whole armfuls. This allows him the impetus to continue his pursuit. Fun.

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Kimberley said...

Oh my days! this animation was excellent haha! Made me laugh at the end wasn't expecting that. Brilliant!