Monday, 18 June 2012

Malcolm Sutherland "Umbra" (2010)

A space explorer falls onto the surface of an unknown world. Picking himself up he is quickly surrounded by tiny beings who throw themselves at his shadow in a seeming act of mass suicide. Startled, he commences a journey of self discovery. I admire Canadian Malcolm Sutherland's work, having written in praise of his work on several occasions. Umbra is, as explained in the YouTube link, hand-drawn then worked on with computer. Malcolm's films are imaginative and intelligent with a precision about his drawing that, even as in this quite simply drawn piece, shines out. Here the central concept engages one's curiosity from the first frame. The director understands the medium of animation beautifully, the visual tricks one can play. I also like it when I spot the ending early on.


Kimberley said...

Mind games! Nice video :) Thanks for sharing.

Ian Lumsden said...

Mind games. Wish I'd thought to write that. You really will have to join the staff.