Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Marina Budovsky "Dear Alphabet" (2006)

A most macabre alphabet today in  Dear Alphabet.  Not one to use with the kids. A little hint of the cheerful tune that accompanies the credits: "The monster ate my mother but I'm gonna get it back." This identifies theme. Taking the direct route through the alphabet, CalArts student, Marina Budovsky, uses a combination of collage, live action, stop motion and drawn animation in her enactment of the A to Z. The seven minute short is full of memorable images, eyes peeping from a doll's house, hands climbing up the cell bars with just enough room to scramble out. I'm not sure whether this is all black humour (some of it certainly is) or a sincere attempt at the grotesque. Whether it be the red headed puppet girl with the whitened face, or the monster in monochrome, there's a certain elegance, not to say brilliance, about this marvellously lit film. And if the visuals are superb, the sound design from Nathan Ruyle is gloriously complementary in a discordant, eclectic manner mixing up archive, original and avant-garde recordings with the narrator's own young voice. He must be good as he has missed this film from his bio. I must not neglect an excellent script: C is for chaos which swallowed my mom. I am unable to say much at all about the director. However I have seen far worse award winners in major festivals. If anyone knows of Marina's other work do let me know. The film is dedicated to Marina's father, Samuel, who died a year previously.


Kimberley said...

Wow! Amazing! Something quite creepy about it but absolutely fabulous animation! Loved it.

Marina Budovsky Tselner said...

Thank you! What a wonderful write up :))) I'm working on another and will let you know when it is done.