Saturday, 30 June 2012

Omer Ben David "For The Remainder" (2011)

What did our cat do all alone in our home when we were out at work? He never seemed distressed though he usually deigned to rub himself against our legs when we returned. In For The Remainder, Omer Ben David's cat is old and in its dying moments as it makes a farewell tour of the house, amidst a rain shower and heartbeat that creates a vividly evocative sound scheme. All the movement, the sinewy grace, of the cat is there but as the screenshot demonstrates, the drawing has the effect of the bare brushstrokes of watery paint, albeit the computer animation is very much in 3D. Indeed some sequences look for all the world as if Ben had painted around a blown glass model of the cat. The film is genuinely experimental, almost an art exhibit except that one becomes emotionally attached to the animal as it clearly begins to slow down. The final frames are symbolic and entirely beautiful. Ben graduated from Jerusalem's Bezalel Art Academy. Lovely film.


Kimberley said...

Absolutely stunning video, The animation is amazing. Creative and heart warming. Quite a sad video really gets you worked up if you're an animal lover. Beautiful!

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