Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rodney and Berty "White Wine in the Sun" (2011)

Australian comic and musician Tim Minchin is one of my favourites from the usual plethora of overhyped and overpaid comics who dominate late night television here in the UK. His is a genuine talent, an absolute exception to the rule. As is that of Rodney and Berty in their White Wine in the Sun. It's a fun video, Minchin's intelligent lyrics providng much scope for the animators for the seven or so minutes. There is a twist here as the software, Muvizu, is an appealing program that is entirely free and can create real working animations in a day or so as opposed to months. If you doubt the speed of the process check here, to see a tutorial showing how a snow scene might be manufactured, for example by building the road as if with sections of Scalextric, or adding headlights that work or changing the scenery to snow, or having a moving figure kick the crashed car. The off-the-shelf figures come readily created with a constantly expanding library of characters and backgrounds. Of course, the look is a presribed one but judging from the burgeoning interest in this Scottish software the fun of so easily creating animations, adding lip syncs, changing camera angles and the like for zilch is an appealing one. To think how I struggled.... And as you will see, the finished product from messrs Rodney and Berty is excellent. You may also enjoy The Book by Matthew Perks that has a group of pals investigate a mysterious book that leads them to pirates. And we like pirates in my household!


Kimberley said...

Thanks for sharing Ian! :)

Australian Wine said...

This sounds really interesting, I would like to check it out. They still doesn’t look like the typical animation I usually see, but now that you’ve explained the process behind it, I have to say I’m quite curious.